Four Seasons potos available now

10/11/2014 9:46:00 am

Hi Another update.

In an effort to make photos available as soon as possible I am making the photos from the Gravity dance Four Seasons peformance available now.
It however is only just over half the total photos from the performance containing all of the showcase and about 20 minutes of the ballet (426 images)as that is where I got up to with the editing.
Over the next few hours this morning I will finish editing the ballet (~350 images) and then upload them. They should all be available around 6pm tonight at a guess but this is assuming I can upload about 50 photos a hour and the host of my photos seems to get slow during business hours.

I will put a little update in this post once I start uploading the rest of the photos from this performance and leave a comment in the directory saying this is partial.


Update1: The rest of the photos from the performance are now starting to upload. It seems like the speed is not too bad for uploads so the ~6pm could still be correct but I think it is more likely to be around 7:30-8 now before they are all up.

Update2: All photos are now available

I am going to start on the Winter Wonderland now as I am sure many of you are waiting to see that. I will probably do The Jackson's after that and finish with tertiary students show.