• YouTube Site now Live

    17/10/2016 3:12:20 pm

    Hi I am pleased to announce that I have finally set up a YouTube site for BrainBeat Productions where I hope to post videos to from jobs as well as other things I happen to video that I think might be interesting and show what I can do. I may also post some...

  • Hi all just a quick post to say.

    All photos from the Mitcham / Gravity Dance End of Year Concerts are now available.

    Please spread the word that they are available too.

  • The Jackson's

    13/11/2014 5:46:26 pm

    For those patiently waiting all of the photos from The Jackson's should be up by the end of today. All of the studio photos are up and available and once the most recent group of photos have uploaded there will be about 80% of the performance uploaded.

    I apologize for this taking so long but it was the last performance of the 6 and it has taken much longer to edit the photos that I had guessed.


    Once this is all done I will work on an post the tertiary students performance called Bang and hopefully have it up by the end of tomorrow or mid Saturday.

  • Winter Wonderland

    10/11/2014 5:45:00 pm

    Photos of the first four dances from the Winter Wonderland performances are now being exported and will start to upload soon.

    I anticipate the 202 images should all be up by 8pm and available soon after. I will then add a dance at a time until I finish for the night but all could be available by tomorrow morning if not I will update on how far I got.


    Update: All photos are edited and are uploading. They all should be available around 9:30pm tonight.

  • Hi Another update.

    In an effort to make photos available as soon as possible I am making the photos from the Gravity dance Four Seasons peformance available now.
    It however is only just over half the total photos from the performance containing all of the showcase and about 20 minutes of the ballet (426 images)as that is where I got up to with the editing.
    Over the next few hours this morning I will finish editing the ballet (~350 images) and then upload them. They should all be available around 6pm tonight at a guess but this is assuming I can upload about 50 photos a hour and the host of my photos seems to get slow during business hours.

    I will put a little update in this post once I start uploading the rest of the photos from this performance and leave a comment in the directory saying this is partial.


    Update1: The rest of the photos from the performance are now starting to upload. It seems like the speed is not too bad for uploads so the ~6pm could still be correct but I think it is more likely to be around 7:30-8 now before they are all up.

    Update2: All photos are now available

    I am going to start on the Winter Wonderland now as I am sure many of you are waiting to see that. I will probably do The Jackson's after that and finish with tertiary students show.

  • The photos of the Circus Arena Spectacular will be available this afternoon. They would have been available late last night or early this morning but there were some issues with uploading what has delayed them.

    Depending on how quick and smoothly the next upload goes I may be able to have the Four Seasons photos available by the end of today but more likely early tomorrow.

  • I am pleased to announce that the Photos from the Moonwalk Studio and Performance now live.

    To view them just go to the

    'Client Photo Access section',

    click on the 'Gravity / Mitcham Dance End of Year Concert' picture

    Enter the code that was on the flyer

    Chose the performance or studio section

    and chose which photos you want

    You will have to register with the website before you can complete the transaction.


    As a bonus I have enabled a promotion for orders over $100 will receive $10 off.


    As for the other performances they are still coming. The Circus Arena Spectacular photos will be the next photos available likely tomorrow. The studio photos are uploading as I write this with the performance photos about 50% edited. This will the become available once the performance photos have all uploaded. I do apologies to everyone who is waiting to see the photos and I am working on making them available as soon as possible. I underestimated how many photos I would take over the weekend, how long it would take to edit them all and how long it takes to upload.